maandag 18 juni 2007

zaterdag 16 juni 2007

donderdag 14 juni 2007

dinsdag 12 juni 2007

I have a daughter!!

Her name is Aren Lu Viaene and she is born on the seventh of june.

dinsdag 5 juni 2007

my mini's arrived.

demon bat

Yi : rat warrior (monkey king) M.S.B. toys

Lo cha

zaterdag 2 juni 2007

battle report 1 : SKAVEN vs ROME

My name is frederik, but friends call me freaky fre.
for a reason!
I'm preparing here a battleground in front of my house.

Five roman cavalry are riding into a ambush.
These men belong to Rome's auxiliary cavalry, essential to every Roman field force because of the varied nature of the terrain and opponents they faced. The only time a Roman army seems
to have encountered tactical difficulties was when its various arms (legiones, auxilia, and cavalry) failed to co-operate and thus to complement each other, as the failure of one could normally be covered by the succes of another.
Clan Skryre utilises its technological superiority to great advantage on the battlefield.
Enemies are softened up by Poison Wind Globadiers (2), specially-trained Skaven who fling poison gas-filled glass spheres into the ranks of their foes.
Skaven snipers set up away from the front lines with their warplock jezzails (1), where they pick off important targets at will.
Riding in front ,the squadleader shouts to his men;" Hold the line"
"Skaven in the woods!"
While the cavalry charges forward, the globadiers throw their poison globes.
A direct hit on two of the calvarymen, but with a great deal of luck no-one is hurt.
A shot from under the trees ,betraying the position of a sniper team ,mist its target.
The shield carried by the skaven at the front is very effective against missile weapons,
but too bulky to be of any use in close combat. It confers a 5+ armour save against ranged
attacks only. This combines with the team's basic save for a total armour save of 4+ against

On the right flank three romans are getting close to the globadiers.
This time they haven't so much luck. 3hits and 1wound without save!
Boris who entered te auxiliary cavalry 14 years ago dies.
Now it's Hardür's turn. he is shot in his head and he falls over, his horse breaks it's neck when they ride into the heavy rocks.
Juliano and pablo charge the globadiers with brute force!
Pablo is the first to kill a stinking rat.
But Juliano has to follow the other globadier in the woods.
On the left flank two rats try to stop a charging mix of beast, man and steel.
I said:"try!" two more rats send to there maker!
WE HAVE WON!!! ? No way! A plague censer bearer hidden in the woods emerges.
Pablo didn't see this one comming, a fatal hit from one of the most deranged and fanatical
worshippers of disease strikes him down.

Now from both sides Juliano and his brother run into the Skaven.

The lunatic recites the Liturgicus Infecticus and gets frenzy! Charging with his heavy censer.
Another Roman falls.
Juliano charges the lunatic in the back and killed him without mercy.
Juliano drives off ,warning the outpost were he came from.