dinsdag 28 juni 2011

AE Bounty finished models 3

group picture: models for AE-Bounty.

The Devon in the middle that I created is much larger than the one of AE-Bounty. But this is not a problem, I use mine as hero or elite. And I use that of ae-bounty as a green or veteran. The third miniature is one of
D & D that I converted.He is also an amphibian and related to the Devonos.
There are more amphibians coming up!

donderdag 23 juni 2011

AE Bounty finished models

An overview of my finished figures. The lighting could be better, of course. I'm busy with other characters. I hope to encourage others to paint their own crews. Comments are always welcome . see you soon with new painted models.

dinsdag 21 juni 2011

Headman, Black site prison gang. AE Bounty

Headman, Black site prison gang.

A Black site is a terrible place where the worst elements of society are locked away.
The only law of such a place is that the strongest prisoners can take what they want, whenever they want it. A Headman is the boss of the Black site. He is the toughest, meanest and strongest criminal in the prison.
A headman maintains his absolute authority with motivational killings to improve the morale of his crew. The Headman knows he can only enjoy his position as long as he is able to convince others that no one is stronger then him.

Experience level: Veteran
Composition: 1. Criminal warlord.

M  RC  CC   A    S  DR   W
3      4     3     4    3     5     2

Equipment: 2 melee weapons, 1 pistol option, 2 gear options.

Special abilities: not one step back
                         get up and shoot
options: may be upgraded to a hero
             may be upgraded to a elite.

AE Bounty crew. + Graffi by Darkson Designs

group picture AE Bounty crew.

Graffi by Darkson Designs

zondag 19 juni 2011

AE Bounty teams (2)

Thanks to AE Bounty I started painting again and it seems like I can not stop. Here I have three that I will use in the same team.
If I'm looking for other blogs with similar interests, then I must say I'm disappointed that everyone is still painting space marines. Try something else guys! sci-fi is not confined to 40K stuff. Let yourself go and don't  be so slavishly to warhammer 40K .

zaterdag 18 juni 2011

AE Bounty teams (1)

 For the Huntsman I used exactly the same colors as in the presentation pictures of AE bounty. Green and yellow, or black and white, were certainly as good. Since he wears a harness, the color combinations are much greater than a figure with a lot of hair. The painting is certainly faster when you use an existing picture. And I don't like all the members of a teams in the same  color, because then they lose their individuality.

AE Bounty Huntsman.

I still have not received my starter and rulebook. This make it so hard to build teams. But this seems a good team, composed of amphibian-like creatures. I imagine that they can find each other well. Or at least better than people.

 Reaper Chronoscope has really great characters, and they are not expensive! I recommend everyone to take a look at Reaper, because for less than 20 euros you will find a very diverse team.

woensdag 15 juni 2011

AE Bounty Lurker.

Yesterday I received my first set of 12 figures. My first thought was, "these miniatures are on the small side." The assembly requires the necessary concentration and the required material. a small file and a small drill are necessary, because strangely enough  superglue seemed not doing his job even after ten minutes. But once they were put together and a base coat  was added things where going in the right direction. It is very important that you know this, because they cost quite a lot of money for what you get at first sight. I started with the Lurker as it seemed the simplest to paint. Here I recommend a brush 3/ooo. to get the details just right.

The Huntsman is not in the picture, but will be next that I will show you.

zondag 12 juni 2011

AE-Bounty terrain/ scenery.

While I'm waiting for my rulebook and sarterset, I have already started on the more serious work.
That of building my site for AE-Bounty. I have sold my Squat army on e-bay for 290 euro, not bad.
With this money I had access to al available figures of AE-Bounty. Reaper chronoscope was also a good source for sci-fi karakters. And because I was really surprised after I received my order of 10 star-wars miniatures, I ordered another 30 the same day.
Below as you can see, I have already one piece of terrain completely finished and I started to make 3 plates with terrain that can be placed in any direction on the table and these will always fit with another plate. take a look.

AREN_LU 4 years and MARLE 8 months . middle and right.
my lovely two daughters