dinsdag 21 juni 2011

Headman, Black site prison gang. AE Bounty

Headman, Black site prison gang.

A Black site is a terrible place where the worst elements of society are locked away.
The only law of such a place is that the strongest prisoners can take what they want, whenever they want it. A Headman is the boss of the Black site. He is the toughest, meanest and strongest criminal in the prison.
A headman maintains his absolute authority with motivational killings to improve the morale of his crew. The Headman knows he can only enjoy his position as long as he is able to convince others that no one is stronger then him.

Experience level: Veteran
Composition: 1. Criminal warlord.

M  RC  CC   A    S  DR   W
3      4     3     4    3     5     2

Equipment: 2 melee weapons, 1 pistol option, 2 gear options.

Special abilities: not one step back
                         get up and shoot
options: may be upgraded to a hero
             may be upgraded to a elite.

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