zondag 5 juni 2011

bounty-hunter team for AE-Bounty

I'm waiting for the core rulebook and starterset of AE-Bounty. So I already started to paint a full squad of bounty hunters. And I couldn't help myself to order 10 minis of Star Wars miniatures.

 Mira needs a repaint, I'm not so happy with the face and eyes.

 Here I started with cutting of doc. Octopus head. He is a Devon now. two others are from copplestone. lost their head too.1 heroclix and 1 ???. It's the first time I tried to make something with green stuff. It's a lot of fun and who knows what's next.

finished the Devon today. Heroclix minis are not so easy to paint. the detail are never what I want them to be.I do better on white metal. just a note.

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