donderdag 11 augustus 2011

Black site gang

Headman Kozack.
  Veteran headman KOZACK (individual)
 3    4+   3  6   4    4   3
rifle choice: Slughtrower: range 24 / strenght 4+D6 / 1:1
gear choice: fragmentation grenade: range 6 / strenght 6+D6 / 1(1/2) AoE.
gear choice: Adrenal booster +1W , Bezerk.

ability: Command: 1AP - +1DR for friendly unit within 12"
          Get up and shoot: 2AP - undo suppression 12"
alien race: EDASII = 1 extra gear choice: personal magnetic field (+2A)

hero choice: Momentum - take initiative once a game from opponent.

Look out Kinsa-Lo
 Veteran look out Kinsa-Lo (unit)
 3    4+   2   1  2    4   2
rifle choice: particle beam: range 15 / strenght 4+D6 / 2:1
gear choice: AP rounds = -1 penalty to AoE.

ability: hidden deployment : 18" from Enemy.

alien race: LIMAX = slow : no sprint or charge
                                 regeneration : heals 1 wound each turn , cost 1AP

look out Manoubal
look out Saïre

regular crewman cometopoppa
Regular crewman Cometopoppa (unit)
 3   5+   2   2   2    3   1
rifle choice: particle beam rifle: range 20 / 5+D6 / 1:1
                  LRF slughtrower: 18 / 3+D6 /3:1
alien race: PHACT
                Hive mind: AP of all the member of this unit   are collected                   in onepool. One model may use max. 4AP.
                Multiple arms: Can use two ranged weapons, -1RC =
                Reluctanct: Can use two CC hits, -1CC = cost 1AP
                           Enemy -1 penalty on CC for each phact in combat.

regular crewman fat freddy
regular crewman breivik

green crewman dr.Phil

 Green crewman dr.Phil
 3   5+    2  2   2    3   1
pistol choice: slughtrower pistol: range 12 / strenght 2+D6 / 1:1 /
                     move and fire
gear choice: personal teleporter: 18" move = 1AP

alien choice:  NAOS: Hunter: cerebrae
                                Sure-footed: can sprint / charge throug
                                                     difficult terrain

green crewman speedy
green crewman pokko-san

woensdag 10 augustus 2011

Black site gang . Finished

complete Black site gang.  Pirates

AE Bounty Nova Corp.

NOVA Corp.  Mercenaries.

woensdag 3 augustus 2011

nurgle terminator

I bought this miniature a half year ago on e-bay. I have changed something here and there. He has a zombie head now and withsome green stuff I made him a horrible belly. If you can see the face, that's the spirit of the
original marine inside.

donderdag 21 juli 2011

Zombiesmith finished model.

nova corp.
officer Taka-el.


donderdag 14 juli 2011

zondag 10 juli 2011

EM4 miniatures for my game AE Bounty

Two Greens for my Black site gang.
EM4 sells these miniatures for £ 1.28. I immediately ordered 16 pieces, unfortunately there was one out of stock. EM4 e-mailed me and returned  my money the same day . Communication was perfect and the delivery time was fast. Highly recommended!

dinsdag 28 juni 2011

AE Bounty finished models 3

group picture: models for AE-Bounty.

The Devon in the middle that I created is much larger than the one of AE-Bounty. But this is not a problem, I use mine as hero or elite. And I use that of ae-bounty as a green or veteran. The third miniature is one of
D & D that I converted.He is also an amphibian and related to the Devonos.
There are more amphibians coming up!

donderdag 23 juni 2011

AE Bounty finished models

An overview of my finished figures. The lighting could be better, of course. I'm busy with other characters. I hope to encourage others to paint their own crews. Comments are always welcome . see you soon with new painted models.

dinsdag 21 juni 2011

Headman, Black site prison gang. AE Bounty

Headman, Black site prison gang.

A Black site is a terrible place where the worst elements of society are locked away.
The only law of such a place is that the strongest prisoners can take what they want, whenever they want it. A Headman is the boss of the Black site. He is the toughest, meanest and strongest criminal in the prison.
A headman maintains his absolute authority with motivational killings to improve the morale of his crew. The Headman knows he can only enjoy his position as long as he is able to convince others that no one is stronger then him.

Experience level: Veteran
Composition: 1. Criminal warlord.

M  RC  CC   A    S  DR   W
3      4     3     4    3     5     2

Equipment: 2 melee weapons, 1 pistol option, 2 gear options.

Special abilities: not one step back
                         get up and shoot
options: may be upgraded to a hero
             may be upgraded to a elite.

AE Bounty crew. + Graffi by Darkson Designs

group picture AE Bounty crew.

Graffi by Darkson Designs