zondag 12 juni 2011

AE-Bounty terrain/ scenery.

While I'm waiting for my rulebook and sarterset, I have already started on the more serious work.
That of building my site for AE-Bounty. I have sold my Squat army on e-bay for 290 euro, not bad.
With this money I had access to al available figures of AE-Bounty. Reaper chronoscope was also a good source for sci-fi karakters. And because I was really surprised after I received my order of 10 star-wars miniatures, I ordered another 30 the same day.
Below as you can see, I have already one piece of terrain completely finished and I started to make 3 plates with terrain that can be placed in any direction on the table and these will always fit with another plate. take a look.

AREN_LU 4 years and MARLE 8 months . middle and right.
my lovely two daughters

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