zaterdag 18 juni 2011

AE Bounty teams (1)

 For the Huntsman I used exactly the same colors as in the presentation pictures of AE bounty. Green and yellow, or black and white, were certainly as good. Since he wears a harness, the color combinations are much greater than a figure with a lot of hair. The painting is certainly faster when you use an existing picture. And I don't like all the members of a teams in the same  color, because then they lose their individuality.

AE Bounty Huntsman.

I still have not received my starter and rulebook. This make it so hard to build teams. But this seems a good team, composed of amphibian-like creatures. I imagine that they can find each other well. Or at least better than people.

 Reaper Chronoscope has really great characters, and they are not expensive! I recommend everyone to take a look at Reaper, because for less than 20 euros you will find a very diverse team.

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