vrijdag 28 september 2007

The Centauri

Over four hundred years ago, the Centauri Republic spread across the stars and its power was almost unmatched. The Minbari and Vorlons preferred to keep out of the affairs of the other races, giving Centuari Prime free reign to dominate wherever it wished. Though they never strayed far inti the region now controlled by the Earth Alliance, the Centauri did take over (some might say enslave) many of the sustems now in the League of Non-Aligned worlds. They truly believed that they were civilising primitive cultures, providing law, technology and a place in the stars in return for tribute and the exploitation of recources and this more or less took place everywhere they explored. Many in the League still view the Centauri with extreme distrust but the presence of the Republic spurred many races to reach for the stars, including Humanity.

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