maandag 3 september 2007

Chaos fleet

The Despoiler class "Damnation's Fury",
the Hades class "Warmaker",
the Acheron class "Chaos Eternus" and
the Slaughter class "Killfrenzy".

The Slaughter class cruiser utilises a Scartix engine coil, that provides the ship with a thrust considerably more powerful than any other vessel's. When the 'Dutiful' , a Slaughter class cruiser , laid down in 126.M34, turned renegade and bombarded the Sethelan forge world, the design for the Scartix coil was destroyed. Some think the attack had the sole purpose of preventing the construction of any more vessels of this design. The Dutiful was re-named the Soulless by Admiral Dorez for this despicable deed and was mercilessly hunted across Imperial space for the next seven millennia. It was finally destroyed during the Orar Raid, when its plasma drives were wrecked by the Imperious, a Mars class battlecruiser. The Killfrenzy has a fearsome reputation and is so named because of its peculiar broadcasts. In frequencies-KILLFRENZY KILLFRENZY KILLFRENZY... The ship's captain, believed to still be Abraham Thrust, shows an incredible disregard for the safety of his ship, continuing to fight in several battles despite suffering crippling damage.

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goed gedaan papa. Ik hoop dat ik net zo mooi kan schilderen als jij.
Mama zal het misschien minder leuk vinden als we beiden de zelfde hobby hebben.